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In Memory of Kris Cicak, INCIID Volunteer Coordinator
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The enormity of this family's ongoing loss leaves one speechless - I trust that Lisa and Kris's daughter will continue to be raised with the love and grace that brought her and her sister into this world. The heartache seems limitless and the questions infinite - with profound sadness Liz


To Jenae and Kris' family--

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to you all.  Kris was a very special woman with incredible strength and courage.  She was an inspiration to many of us here at INCIID, and she was the most devoted of mothers.  I hope you will find comfort in your memories of her and wish you the very best during this difficult time.  Nancy (nwnj)


I've been a member for 7 years.  Many of us have shared our most private moments with each other that we would never have done with even a family member.  Kris, I will miss you.  You and the women here have been my backbone through it all.  God Bless you forever. Marrand


May you rest in peace Kris.  I always loved to see you post about Jenae and I love that I share your daughter's name.


God bless your family,




Kris, you were a wonderful and caring woman and will be missed greatly.  May your family keep your spirit alive and thriving through your beautiful daughter Jenae.

Rest in Peace.

Jeni - knightzoo BB02


I'm struggling with the right words to say. I've "known" Kris for many years. I write that in quotations because we never had the opportunity to meet in person. We both were volunteers with Inciid. There aren't many people who would give so selflessly of their time, patience, knowledge, and understanding. Kris did this every single day and never complained. She was a kind and generous woman. May you always be comforted by the memories that others share of the beautiful person she was.

My deepest sympathy,

stacers (Inciid screenname)

You were there for me when I was struggling with infertility years ago, and were always ready to offer a supportive email, post, kind word, and hug over the internet.  You always kept in touch, and were there to share the fun, exciting times as well as the sad.  Thank you.  May you rest in peace.  We will miss you.

Comfort and peace to Jenae and your family, and know that we keep you in our prayers. 




This just breaks my heart. It's so sad for all. May Kris rest in peace. Babyluv


I remember when she lost her friend and baby. She has had a lot to deal with. May she rest in peace. I will be praying for the little girl. Gayler


Inciid has truly lost a wonderful person. My heart is so saddened to hear of this and it breaks for that sweet little girl. Kris helped me get started as an I Host here and I was always so impressed that she was able to continue her duties even after her family's terrible loss.

Rest in peace Kris, you will be missed.



I will never ever forget Kris. She was a wonderful person and I liked her very much (even though I can't say we were ever close) I never thought that I could find people on the Internet that meant something to me...until I found INCIID after I lost Zane. It was unbelievable how strangers would open their hearts to me and feel my pain.

Through the years (omg---lots of years now) that I've been on INCIID, many people and their stories have touched my heart. I am truly felt for so many.

I will never forget the day that I read about Kris and her (at that

point) DH and child dying in a car accident. I cried--at work. I'd never even "spoken" to Kris but the situation touched me so deeply. I immediately went out, bought the prettiest sympathy card I could find and sent it to her.

Kris was nothing if not WONDERFUL to me always. If I asked her something, she answered. If I needed something, she provided.

If we are going to do something for Jenae, for Kris, please PLEASE let me know. I feel totally terrible that I haven't emailed her in SO long.

INCIID, heck THE WORLD, has lost a wonderful person. The only good thing is that we KNOW where she is---and she is in a much better place. Dolores


To Jenae and all of Kris’ family,
I was so very sorry to hear about Kris. She was a very special woman who meant a lot to those of us who worked with her at INCIID and all those whose lives she touched there by volunteering. I will always remember her as a kind and gentle soul. She will truly be missed by friends around the world.

Sending you prayers of God’s comfort and strength, 

I remember so clearly reading Kris's post on INCIID about the car wreck and losing her precious Lisa and Jess.   I know that she is with them now, and they will always be guardian angels to you.  You could tell by her posts that she loved you sooooo much. She was a very special person, and I know you will always carry that with you in your heart. Julie


May peace find you quickly. Your spirit and life have touched many.



I didn't "know" Kris, but having been a part of INCIID since 1998, I knew and followed her story.  I felt so bad for her when she lost Lisa and her other daughter.  And I admired her courage and strength in keeping on.  How awful this all is for Jenae.  I hope she finds peace and solace in her mother's memory.



I hope you are in peace, forever reunited with Lisa and Jess. God Bless Jenae.



Dear Jenae,


For one so young you have suffered so much loss.  My love and prayers are with you and those closest to you, as you all navigate your way through these early days. 

Rest in peace, Kris.  Reunited with Lisa and Jessalyn, where together you can watch over Jenae. 



Julie in Australia


Sweet Jenae and family,

Words, however kind, can't mend your heartache: but those who care and share your loss wish you comfort and peace of mind. May you find strength in the love of family and in the warm embrace of friends.

Deepest Sympathy

Jodi Gooding


Wow, I am so sorry about Kris' passing. It's hard to understand something so senseless and tragic.

May Kris rest in peace with Lisa and Jessalyn. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jenae and the rest of their families.



Oh, gosh, I am so sad to hear of this. I had no idea. Kris and I have not had a lot of contact for long time, but we used to years ago. She had so much tragedy in her life. No-one should die that young.

I am so sad for Jenae.

I can't believe how shocked and upset I am to read this.

May she rest in peace.



This is just so tragic! Thoughts and prayers going out to Jenae and the family. Such sadness for everyone. Rho


No words can dissolve or dissipate your grief, little one.  May your memories never fade of your mommy Kris, just as she worked so hard during her life to keep the memories of Lisa and Jess alive in you.  God's purpose in this tragedy is not clear now, but I pray your heart and life will be open and consoled when that clarity comes.  God and His angels watch over you, comfort you, and give you and your family strength.  I hope you always know that you, little one, have brought so many smiles to friends you never knew you had though the cyber-community you and Kris shared.  You now have thousands of mommies you will probably never meet or know, who will be keeping you in prayer and in our hearts daily.  I will be one of them and will remember you and Kris always and be thankful I *knew* you both from the day you were born! 


Cindi and Trinity Noelle (11-02-02)

La Jolla, CA


To Kris's family and friends,

My heart goes out to all of you. How tragic after all she's been through with Jenae.

My heart just breaks.



I am just devastated to hear of Kris' passing, and wish Jenae and her family much peace and comfort in the days ahead. 



aka spongeann


I cried along with you regarding Lisa and Jess and admired you for the love and kindness you bestowed on Janae.  I remembered your posts regarding how to get past this and the depth of emotion you felt for surviving the accident.  My heart ached for you.

I too have had some horrid struggles but you showed such grace and strength it helped me to stand strong on my own two feet and I thank you.

May heaven be what you had hoped and may Janae know that she was made from love and always will be loved.


You will be missed.


Jodi K


So sad to hear of this devastating news! I cant not imagine the pain for those left to pick up the peices and go on without her physical presence. Her loving memory will be held by all who knew her. Glad she had the 4 years to instill a bit of herself in her daughter. God bless you and keep you Kris!!!

I am sure Kris, Lisa and their daugher are at peace together.    Robin




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