Our Journey to Parenthood

We are Mike and Charmaine from Sacramento, CA.  I got married at the age of 29 with high hopes and a  lifelong dream of having my own family.  I am a planner and had planned to get married at a later age because I believe to be more mature and raise a family is more responsible. 

My husband Mike and I decided to start having kids right away.  After a year of trying, I still have not been able to get pregnant and need IVF to have that chance of building our family. 

At first we were not worried because we thought we were just stressed and pushing ourselves too much. I am originally from the Philippines so it was a bit of an adjustment to start a new job and also adjusting to our married life in a whole new environment.

As time passed we consulted with my ob-gyn who started me on Clomid, a drug that stimulates ovulation.  I completed a total of six cycles on Clomid including a pelvic exam each month on the onset of my period.  After six months, my doctor decided to do an HSG to further investigate on my condition.  The result indicatied that I had blocked fallopian tubes.  I felt so depressed when i learned about it but because of our strong desire to have our own children we looked for other options which might help us conceive and would be financially manageable but like the other procedures we've tried, it was not successful.

When you have such a strong desire for children and then encounter infertility, it can cause lost hope. It was hard not to consider myself a failure. We both really want children.  I love children and work as a childcare provider but deep inside I feel an emptiness because I care for other people's children but cannot have a child myself.

At times I try to convince myself that we can be a whole family without children. When I found INCIID, and was awarded a scholarship, it gave us both renewed hope of starting our family.

Mike and I are committed to helping INCIID raise awareness about the plight of couples and others just like us. We hope after reading our story you might consider a tax deductible donation to INCIID in support of our fund raising efforts. Please click here and donate in support of Mike and Charmaines efforts to raise infertility and INCIID Scholarship awareness! You can write our names in the "sixth step" on the donation form!

Thank you for reading our story and helping INCIID support others just like us!


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