A December 2008 Message – the Story of Jayson and Heather

INCIID understands the struggle to create a family. We are working hard on a personal level through the first and only national scholarship program. Since 2004 we have provided free IVF cycles to many individuals and couples. Each family has their own unique story and circumstances that brought them to us for help.  This holiday season we thought a personal look inside  one of many stories might be in order.

We think Jayson and Heather’s personal story will encourage you to support INCIID’s mission. INCIID is a 501 c 3 — a charity. Your contributions are tax deductible. When you make the your personal decision on holiday giving,  we hope you will think of INCIID and support the scholarship program and mission to help those suffering with infertility and pregnancy loss.  Without your direct financial support worthy couples like Jayson and Heather  as well as the many others will not have a chance to pursue their dream of building their family through IVF.

Jayson and Heather’s story begins after Jayson’s stretch in the Army when he joined the New Orleans Police Department. The couple met in 2004 and became engaged the following year. Life was good but on August 27, 2005 life was about to change forever with Hurricane Katrina’s advance on New OrleansDue to the serious nature of the impending storm, Jayson relocated Heather to his parent’s home.

August 27th: Katrina was upgraded to a class 5 hurricane and the city of New Orleans PoliceDepartment activated their emergency plan readying for the impending disaster.  August 29th: Katrina devastated the city causing the failing levees .  Jayson’s fellow officers as well as thousands of citizens were now trapped in their homes with water rising rapidly.

Against odds and recommendations to stay in a safe, dry location and cut off from all communications, Jayson’s unit devised strategic plans to rescue fellow officers and citizens from certain death. With no thought for their personal safety and for days after the storm, Jayson and his unit wadded through toxic waters and into noxious and contaminated homes. Starting at the crack of dawn and not stopping until it was too dark to operate, they worked with little food, no sleep, sometimes being shot at and always with soaking wet clothing in the heat and squalor of the Katrina aftermath. They moved through the devastated city, rescuing trapped citizens and recovering bodies so that others loved ones might find closure for their losses.  On day five some cell communication was possible and Jayson finally learned his parents and Heather had made it safely out of the area.

Jayson and Heather lost their home and everything in it but they still had each other and the hope of a child together. They stayed with Jayson’s parents until they could start again while Jayson continued recovery work through January of 2006.

Unfortunately for Jayson and Heather there was a new kind of personal storm brewing when they discovered their fertility issues  could only be corrected high tech procedures and  IVF. The City of New Orleans provided no infertility insurance coverage– not even for the heroes who put others first jeopardizing their own lives during the city’s darkest hour.

Jayson and Heather’s story doesn’t end here. They are one of many couples who have been selected to receive an IVF “scholarship” from INCIID’s program.  We receive so many compelling stories from thousands who visit us daily.  We truly believe in our mission to support and fund the first and  only national IVF Scholarship program for those who have medical and financial need but who are without the means to access the IVF and who have no insurance to cover the procedure.

EMD Serono has recently partnered with INCIID to support our program and we hope you will do the same.  We are so appreciative of Serono’s generosity in providing medication for couples like Jayson and Heather.  No one’s pocketbook should be the deciding factor for a couple who want to build their family.  
Please support our program. Your year end tax deductible and  generous contribution will not only help patients without means but will also feed your own spirit and soul.  We can not do this without your help  and support.

INCIID is a nonprofit charity and 501 (c ) 3 organization. All contributions and donations are tax deductible as provided by law.

There are several ways to give:

  • Mail your check made out to  INCIID Inc.,PO Box 6836, Arlington, Virginia 22206
  • FAX your credit card or electronic check information to: (703) 379-1593
    • For Credit cards we will need:   Name on your card, address, city, state, zip and contact phone number associated with your credit card account. We also need a signature giving us permission to process the donation.
    • For Electronic Checks we need: Name on the checking account, address, city, state and zip plus contact phone number. The Bank Name and City

We also need the routing number and account number on your check and a signature letting us know we may process your check electronically.

Thank you for your support of INCIID.

Nancy P. Hemenway

INCIID Executive Director

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