Current Studies and/or Free Treatment

Current Studies and/or Free Treatment

If you have a study you would like us to announce, please contact us.

SIRM Studies – Various Locations

SIRM -Las Vegas

1) GnRH antagonist started on day 2 in normal responders
2) Freezing excess embryos on day 3 or on day 5
3) Single embryo transfer using GES and sHLA-G
4) IVF outcomes when adding LH to an FSH dominant stimulation
5) 4-D versus 2-D ultrasound guided embryo transfer
Call 866-317-2229 or email Dr. Fisch for more information on the Las Vegas studies

SIRM Sacramento (posted 6/29/06)

Day 3 vs. Day 5 (Blast) Embryo Transfer Study
SIRM Sacramento/Pleasanton is conducting a randomized controlled study evaluating the effectiveness of Day 3 vs Day 5 embryo transfers. In an effort to provide optimum pregnancy rates for IVF patients, physicians have attempted transfers at various stages of embryo development. With a similar goal in mind, we would like to compare a number of variables involved with both Day 3 and Day 5 embryo transfers. In so doing, we hope to answer questions and to continue to improve upon pregnancy success rates in IVF. All participants in the study will be offered the opportunity to receive free fertility drugs.

The following represents the proposed criteria for entry into the study:.

Participating women will be under 40 years of age 
The study will be confined to patients who have had no more than 2 failed IVF attempts 
All participating women will have uterine cavities that exhibit a regular contour as judged by hysterosonography or hysteroscopy performed within the preceding 18 month period 
Cycle day-3 FSH must be less than 9MIU/ml and Estradiol less than 70 pgt/ml 
All participating male partners will have detectable motile sperm in their ejaculates and if they have never fathered a child, will need to have a normal Sperm DNA Integrity assay (SDIa). 
If immunology implantation failure is diagnosed, must be willing to receive immunological therapy 
Please contact Dr. Ellen Snowden at 877-263-4040 
or for more information.

SIRM -Los Angeles       

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Poor Responders Study

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Intra Vaginal Culture Study

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Intra Vaginal Culture Study 

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