Infertility Books: Pregnancy Loss

Child/Infant Loss, Stillbirth, Miscarriage, Grief & Loss

We are rennovating all of the recommended reading section on the INCIID Website. We will be adding new books, and other reading suggestions. Please contact us with your recommendations and suggestions.

A Silent Sorrow : Pregnancy Loss : Guidance and Support for You and Your Family by Ingrid Kohn, Perry-Lynn Moffitt, Isabelle A. Wilkins 1 Edition Paperback Published by Delta Publication date: January 1, 1993 ISBN: 0440507138

Empty Arms : Coping After Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death by Sherokee Isle, Arlene Appelbaum (Editor), Sherokee Ilse Reissue Edition Paperback Published by Wintergreen Pr Publication date: July 1992 ISBN: 0960945660

Empty Arms : Emotional Support for Those Who Have Suffered Miscarriage or Stillbirth by Pam W. Vredevelt Reissue Edition Paperback Published by Multnomah Pr Publication date: 1, 1995 ISBN: 0880708107

Hidden Loss : Miscarriage and Ecotopic Pregnancy by Valerie Hey (Editor) Paperback Published by Trafalgar Square Publication date: May 1997 ISBN: 0704344572

Miscarriage : Women Sharing from the Heart by Marie Allen, Shelly Marks Paperback, 258 pages Published by John Wiley & Sons Publication date: February 1, 1993 ISBN: 0471548340

Our Stories of Miscarriage : Healing With Words by Rachel Faldet (Editor), Karen Fitton (Editor) Paperback, 224 pages Published by Fairview Pr Publication date: April 1, 1997 ISBN: 1577490339

Pastoral Care in Pregnancy Loss : A Ministry Long Needed by Thomas Moe Library Binding Published by Haworth Pr Publication date: January 1997 ISBN: 0789001241

Pregnancy After Loss by Jane Warland with Michael Warland 160 pages, Self-Published, ©1996 PO Box 59, Prospect SA 5082, Australia Jane Warland’s first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks. She later gave birth to three healthy children. Her next child died during labor. She went on to have another healthy child one year later. Jane, along with her husband, Michael, have written Pregnancy After Loss to help others who have lost a baby and are dealing with the joys and fears of a subsequent pregnancy. She addresses the fears that are common with women who have previously lost a baby either during a pregnancy or shortly after giving birth.

Preventing Miscarriage—The Good News By Jonathan Scher, M.D., and Carol Dix. Published by Harper Perennial, a division of Harper Collins, ISBN 0060920564. A series of personal miscarriage histories supported with insightful medical information on the causes and treatments for recurrent miscarriage. Includes hormonal disorders, anatomical barriers, immunological problems and chromosomal anomolies. Excellent advice for grieving and recovering from loss.

When a Baby Dies: The Experience of Late Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death by Nancy Kohner, Alix Henley Reprint Edition Paperback Published by HarperCollins (paper) Publication date: July 1, 1995 ISBN: 0044409346

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